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Dear Valued Customers,

After acquiring LDC in 2015, SIFCO ASC has continued to evaluate and compare LDC and SIFCO Process® solutions to consolidate our product offerings. Over the next three months as SIFCO ASC discontinues manufacturing and phasing out 30 solutions from the LDC product line as we deplete our stock. Please contact our customer service at info@teielectroplatingsupplies.com for solution availability.

In order to assist you in your transition to SIFCO Process® solutions we can supply  a  list of the discontinued LDC codes with a suggested replacement product. If you have questions, are in need of technical support, or need assistance selecting a replacement solution, please contact us on info@teielectroplatingsupplies.com

As an Australian agent for SIFCO ASC we appreciate your business and is eager to assist you with any future plating requirements you may have.


Dave Kapluggin

Director – TEI (NZ) Limited 

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