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Tina & Dave return from Cleveland USA trip, visiting Sifco ASC head office.

TEI further establish working relationships and discuss the on going business of Selective Electro Brush plating. 

Sifco ASC purchased Liquid Development Company at the end of 2015. Dave and Tina’s visit to Cleveland was to further establish working relationships and discuss the on going business of Selective Electro Brush plating. Some of the topics covered included training, chemical production, chemical sales, agencies and new business opportunity. The visit was extremely successful.

Todd Romanski, Scott Peterson and the Sifco staff made TEI’s visit the success it was. 5 days of meetings and discussions covering TEI’s Australasian agency for the Selective Electro Brush Plating process.

It was agreed that along with the LDC agency, TEI will now be able to offer to their customers the Sifco Selective Plating application. TEI has now been accepted as a Sifco agent. Further details will follow with regards to this.

Having now seen first hand how Sifco operates with the extensive tour of their plating workshop and chemical manufacture, the visit was extremely informative and productive. Giving both Tina and Dave a further insite into the successful operations of Sifco. TEI is very excited at the new prospects and options now available to them and their customers.

Over the next few months we will be able to let our customers and clients know what TEI has in store for the future.  It will be of huge benefit to our Selective Electro Brush plating customers and clients alike.

TEI NZ would like to officially thank Todd and the Sifco staff for making their trip to the USA a success.

Vung Tau was the latest training destination for TEI NZ Limited

TEI NZ Limited was engaged by Rentatool in Vung Tau, Vietnam to carry out SIFCO training

Dave Kapluggin was engaged by Rentatool in Vung Tau, Vietnam to carry out training instruction after purchasing the equipment and chemical solutions for Sifco through TEI NZ Limited, who has the Australasian agency.

The training was carried out at the very well equipped workshop in Vung Tau.  Dave was extremely impressed with the Quality of the business and all of the staff and management.

The owner,  Mr Bach Vu Thuy was very switched on, knowing exactly what he wanted.  All the staff at Rentatool had a great appreciation of him as the head of the organisation.  The training was for the repair of the equipment that they rented out and for general repair work for the Oil and Gas plants in Vietnam.  Rentatool was the only company that Dave has been to that has its own Ball Valve Polishing and Lapping Machines.

All of the staff and management were very interested  with the Sifco Selective Brush Plating process and were totally engaged with all of the training.  All aspects of the Sifco Process was talked about.  The plating training covered General Engineering, Hydraulics, Gearboxes, Ball Valves and Miss Machined parts.

The training went extremely well and all of the students received their certificates after the final test was completed.  Dave Kapluggin was looked after very well by all of the members of the management team who were very appreciative and invested in the training.  Different restaurants every night, finishing with 15 of the Rentatool staff members giving Dave a thank you party and certificate presentation.

TEI NZ Limited would like to personally thank Rentatool for their hospitality and generosity making Dave feel so welcomed.  Rentatool was a great example of training excellence.  Thank you!

If you would like to find out more about our Training Packages, please email dave@tei.co.nz or tina@tei.co.nz  for more information

Dave Kapluggin & SIFCO Selective Electro Brush Plating Process

Sifco has at long last released their long awaited You Tube video.

The new video released by Sifco’s Marketing Department demonstrates The SIFCO Process®. The video combines digital animation and actual video footage of plating to better demonstrate the process and highlight its unique features and benefits.

TEI NZ Limited is extremely proud to be able to offer this process to all of their customers in South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the Australasian area.

If you have any queries with regards to this process, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

TEI NZ Limited looks forward to hearing from you soon. Please enjoy the Sifco demonstration Video.

Selective Electro Brush Plating workshops now in Auckland & Waikato.

We’re proud to be launching our Selective Electro Brush Plating repair job shops around New Zealand

TEI NZ regionsTEI (NZ) Limited has the Australasian agency for the LDC & the Sifco Selective Electro Brush Plating repair services. TEI(NZ) Limited offers the training, re-certification and also supply of the chemicals. After selling off the Engineering workshop division in Tauranga last year, we are now very proud to be launching our Selective Electro Brush Plating repair as Jobbing shops around New Zealand.

The stand alone jobbing shops will be run independently of TEI by companies that have been trained and certified as Licence Holders for the repairs. These jobbing shops will be able to offer Onsite Selective Brush Plating Repairs.

This electroplating repair which is able to be done in-situe, is totally portable and can save money on down time as the area is able to be repaired by hand on the specific place of damage.

TEI (NZ) Limited has never before offered this to their new and existing customers in New Zealand, having always serviced their customers from their base in Tauranga, New Zealand. We are very excited to be able to offer the customers based in Auckland and the Waikato region a fully operational workshop located in these busy cities to make the Selective Brush Plating repairs more convenient, efficient, cost effective and more accessible.

We are still looking for suitable businesses or individuals that would be interested in the other licences around New Zealand. If you would be interested in finding out more information about jobbing shop opportunities, please contact either Tina Heath on tina@tei.co.nz   or David Kapluggin on dave@tei.co.nz

TEI (NZ) Limited is well known and our clients are New Zealand wide also covering the whole of Australasia (That being New Zealand, Australia, Asia & the Pacific Islands)   TEI are very proud of the achievements made over the past 20 Years and feel very confident and excited with these changes.  Our customers will be better serviced and looked after with direct Jobbing Shops based in these centers rather than the repairs being serviced from one place in Tauranga.  This Jobbing Shop opportunity has never been offered before

Download our Brochure:- TEI NZ Sifco Defect-Repair Brochure

We hope to have further updates coming soon with further coverage for our New Zealand Customers!

NOTICE: In January 2017, SIFCO ASC discontinued 58 solutions due to lack of sales. For a detailed list of those LDC solutions with suggested SIFCO ASC replacements please email us.

Dave Kapluggin & Air New Zealand Selective Electro Brush Plating Training

The training was for Air New Zealand, Christchurch using the new Sifco Zinc Nickel and LHE Cadmium

The training went extremely well and the solutions achieved exactly the required finish.  It was the first time that the new Sifco plating products were used at Air New Zealand Aero support.

The new Zinc Nickel is a very special solution that gives a very good finish with a very simple process to lay down.  This solution is now being accepted as a replacement for Cadmium plating on a few aircraft as it is no-where near as dangerous as the cadmium.  (Handling and application).  The US Air Force is now using it on a number of their aircraft with Airbus (NZ) beginning to use it too.

In this training Dave Kapluggin who is the certified trainer, was asked to demonstrate removing Cadmium with Cadmium in reverse current.  A piece of stainless steel sheet was used to plate a 2″ square of cadmium.  It was then masked showing half of the plated area.  The old cadmium was used in reverse until the cadmium began to be removed.  We then stopped, showing some of the cadmium having been completely removed down to the nickel pre plate and a little area still with a very thin layer of cadmium showing.  This was a great sample to be shown to the new platers and management.

Three electro platers in total were trained using this new chemical.  They were also re-certified for the LDC Selective Electro Brush plating using Cadmium.

Certificates were awarded to all after practical and theory tests were achieved.

The management team at Air New Zealand who came to have a look at the new process and training were very impressed with the new process and application.

TEI are extremely impressed with the new Sifco process having completed the training now for Air New Zealand Auckland and Air New Zealand Christchurch.  Great results achieved to the newly certified platers.

Dave Kapluggin recently returns from his trip training Abu Dhabi clients

TEI (NZ) Limited continues to train their international clients for Selective Electro Brush Plating.

Abu Dhabi Aviation engaged TEI (NZ) Limited to carry out a training instruction after buying the equipment and solutions from LDC.  The training was at the very well equipped and show like hangers in Abu Dhabi Airport.  Dave was very impressed with the brush plating set up when he arrived.  This was because of the great staff and Manager Paul Lim.  The training was for the repair and cadmium corrosive protection mainly on Bell Helicopters.  The staff were very attentive and interested in the process.

All of the staff and management were impressed with the Electroplating training and we were extremely happy that the Managing Director of Abu Dhabi Aviation Airport facility took the time out of his busy scheduel to come down to look at the process and to meet with Dave Kapluggin.

The security at the airport was very strict and Dave had to train outside the airport for a couple of days until he received clearance.  This clearance was helped through because of one of the locals was in the training class.  Sometimes it takes up to a month to get the clearance.  The heat was around 43 Degrees Centigrade all of the time but luckily the hanger was air conditioned!!  Abu Dhabi was a wonderful area and the buildings were tremendous.

The training went very well and all of the students received their certificates after the final written test.  Long journey home of about 28 hours in all.

Dave Kapluggin’s expertise and knowledge of the LDC Selective Electro Brush Plating process is extremely thorough.  Abu Dhabi Aviation and Staff were very impressed with the training and thanked TEI for their excellent job.

The Selective Electro Brush Plating Training carried out by TEI (NZ) Limited is comprehensive and we pride ourselves on working alongside our clients to make sure that all their requirements are met.

TEI demonstrates Selective Electro Brush Plating technique at Wintec

TEI (NZ) Limited carried out their Selective Electro Brush Plating to the younger engineers at a recent demonstration held at Wintec.

Kane Le Noel carried out the demonstration for the Students attending the Engineering Pre Trade course.  TEI felt that it would be a good way of educating the up and coming engineers of the future with the Selective Electro Brush Platingprocess that is able to be done in situe.  

The unique process can be used to rebuild and repair damage to shafts, hydraulic rams, spears, drums and many other applications using the Selective Electro Brush Plating technique.

Selective Electro Brush plating training and demonstrations are a big part of TEI’s business, with Dave Kapluggin the Managing Director going overseas on a regular basis to train, promote and sell the Selective Electro Brush Plating process.  TEI NZ Limited has the Australasian Agency for the Brush Plating.

If you would like further details with regards to training or information, you can email  dave@tei.co.nz

What a great Selective Electro Brush Plating demonstration. We look forward to many more in the future!

Dear Valued Customers,

After acquiring LDC in 2015, SIFCO ASC has continued to evaluate and compare LDC and SIFCO Process® solutions to consolidate our product offerings. Over the next three months as SIFCO ASC discontinues manufacturing and phasing out 30 solutions from the LDC product line as we deplete our stock. Please contact our customer service at info@teielectroplatingsupplies.com for solution availability.

In order to assist you in your transition to SIFCO Process® solutions we can supply  a  list of the discontinued LDC codes with a suggested replacement product. If you have questions, are in need of technical support, or need assistance selecting a replacement solution, please contact us on info@teielectroplatingsupplies.com

As an Australian agent for SIFCO ASC we appreciate your business and is eager to assist you with any future plating requirements you may have.


Dave Kapluggin

Director – TEI (NZ) Limited 

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